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Not alone

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Mostly spend the night working on book design for ‘the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’ for a week now, waiting for last comment but none of publishing place is full open now in flood situation, so I’m not sure that i can send them to print and get it back on time for one who will carry this to Africa. I just have short notice that the book have to be print here. Anyway, after an hour sleep i’m up. sleeping on the couch is not very much comfortable. Payupinn is on one chair snoring. Babe [Aom’s Dog]’s on the floor near step, he might think i was sleep up on 2nd floor as usual, he is nearly complete blind. Babe is here ‘cos we were worry about Aom’s house might get flood when she away in her office.  Ploy Din, a dog who follow Payupinn and I back home about midnight when i try walk Payu’ to the canal. but we were only 100m far Payu stop talking to Play Din and then play together.

I decided to walk back on my street which is empty then can get Payu to be off leash without worrying about the car. They do play a little while then Payu need a break for water. Ploy Din followed us to the house she look like anyone pet but probably lost her way to go home. I let her sitting in front of my door and get her water and snack she look hungry but not eat any dog food till i put on the ground. I told her that be there and i will think about she can be in the house or not.

she was sitting there, walk around and return. she look like one who need a house!!! so, I opened my door for Ploy Din and start call her Ploy Din. Then I back to do my work, all kids seem fine but Babe don’t like much of new comer, I just move him to be under my desk and tell Ploy Din to be by the door. Ploy Din seem know what she have to do and slept by the door all night. Ploy Din probably think it’s better than sleep out with mosquitos even I put one mosquito coil outside when she was sitting there about an hour. I put Ploy Din image on my facebook and share to some friends. just in case there are someone looking for her now!!!! Ploy Din mean Earth Gem, The dusty special gem!!!! If she stay longer I will wash her up, I like her eyes and the way she smile but not confide enough to leave her sleep down here with Babe…..


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Today was a moment that i’m really feel that i’m a photographer, ha-ha. little bit proud, many photos i took was for my passion and my duty as a media director of APNSW… Rights, from still photos, design, graphic, cards, books, posters, web designer, stage shows, self-performance, events, songs, karaoke video, films, stop motion video and what i so happy now is the 2011 APNSW Calendar. I did many photo shoot, today is the first that i do really feel i’m being photographer. I did portrait for one guy which nice and fun doing that, it the first time that people call me a photo guy & I feel that word. I used to feel that i was a guy who do photo for this event but today i feel that I’m a photo guy!!! Cheer for that!!!

Finally Finally, the Lay-out have done!!! Thanks all your guys for you trust and believe in me to do this work, Thanks Cheryl, Kaythi, Khatini, Rathi, Selvi, Sulastree, APNSW, All models & My beloved Friends who help me get the photo shooting process done in 12 hours!!!

I was  tear again when I’m wrote Editor page!! Specially Thanks for Andrew who always support me and Payu Pinn my baby I love you,,, and You ” Leela Neena” who always with me when I’m working all night!!

The idea of the 2011 APNSW calendar come from our members who keep on fighting and keep standing up for the rights that we deserve as we are too human. We are together to fight

for our rights, for access that we deserved,to see the process of changing which are now getting clearer and better. We are part of the solution.

Each pages show our friends pretty faces and messages that come up from many meeting, rally, talked & talk – time and time again. I do believe as my friend said “Together We Can”.

The process of making this calendar happen at the Sex Worker pre-meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Consultation on Sex Work and HIV which we co-organised with UNFPA and UNAIDS in Pattaya Thailand, October 2010.

Thanks to UNFPA for partnering with us for organising the consultation so we can work together with sex workers and other UN organisations to advance our health and rights.

This calendar’s show our journey that we are together, we keep on supporting each other, Yes together we can.

Love all of you,


APNSW Media Director

[Maybe] Lost in translation

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So, it’s maybe just about lost in the translation, I’m not native English, just an Asian with bleach hair on my head,,,

I’m by the beach that where thouse who call them self high level that they doesn’t feel safe enough to have meeting in Bangkok but they all want to have HOLIDAY meeting in Thialand!!

After these few month that I have not directly talk to them ‘cos even giant bitch sitting in my office, she have not even look at me when I walk pass by ‘cos I’m Asian or just um-important one in these organization…

Just a boyfriend of head whore who have multi-task to create work but being alcoholic & dark-skin & poor!!!

So, today i look at email and can answer my self what different from Fund-Funder : Capitalist : Pimp

I have a little knowledge about English, I learn my English from American Sailor man,  English Local Newspapers Editor, An Australian ex-Drug user!!!

So, I was not sure when people who cal themselves that the are high-level asked some of my friends that are they understand well enough about talking to their life in front of high-level people??

Have they even have a little bit of thought that are the who being high level know about us enough to listen to whom who live our life as ourselves, be with community whole of our life.

If you do really wanna work with sex workers then listen to them,, if you think you are high level and holding money in your hand, you want to hire them to do what you like to see what you like to hear you got it,,

Everything you want you got it,, ‘cos we do treat our clients the same way,,, pay us we be what you want us to be but we are not selling cheap for those stupid demand,,, please excuses for my english i’m not a native and i learn English from my clients!!

In The Mist

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Ten Days in Myanmar start with flew over to Yangon about 2pm with Bangkok Airways, Spend the afternoon by Inya Lake  talk about updating and video action plan, we were sat in restaurant in fun park that look like no maintenance since it was build, there some people using the fun machine but most of people hang around in park, in restaurants talking to friends or lover . On the way back we saw one girl on fun machine which look like roulette in casino,, wonder if she’s having fun by herself or being a kind of punishment??

Next couple days Waking up in the mid of the night with feeling a bit weird got about 4 hrs sleep from 10pm now I’m up and wireless not working, my head just so empty. I might too exciting about this morning yes, what tomorrow will bring? In Mandalay now sitting in my hotel room listen to the rain and thinking about dinner, it was at BBQ, Ah-ha Seem like all my Burmese friends really love it, I’m fine with BBQ just feel a little too much on MSG in their sauce anyway there are some different here like lotus root and baby potato grilled & fried them, not too bad really just feel a little numb in my mouth. The vegetable here is so nice,, we had fried tip plant which best for today. So, I can’t sleep anyway,, nothing on TV, I try to write something for my next film…

4.47am I don’t think I can go back to sleep thinking about visiting Mahamuni Buddha Temple but not to bother KT and did not dare to go out alone when i just was in town only 10hrs over night.

We started morning with going to Thaung phyone ‘The NAT festival’ area which 45 mins drive from town. Everything was fine till we got there it’s start raining and we were driving on muddy alley in festival,, Am I going to walk in mud?? Yes, of course ‘cos no where else!! So, it was showering and walking path was already muddy maybe since last night, lots and lots of people walking around buying food, going to main temple. Mostly people stayed in temporary place which made from bamboo,, Only little number of people who really live here. KT said normally the town so empty this village only make profit once a year during festival beside work on farm. This festival bring people around Myanmar here. After I heard it was flooding last year I don’t want to think about the red mark on mud from people who chew beetle nut, pile of garbage and oh!!! No!!!

The surprise today is U-Bien bridge the longest teak bridge which i did not plan for this trip but KT told the drive to drove to somewhere that i couldn’t catch and she said it will be a surprise!! anyway, it was heavily raining at the end of the day so, they were plan to take me to Ayeyarwadee for Sunset but seem like no one can set the nature, of course!!!

I just be sure hate rainy season ‘cos it’s just keep raining whenever i’m out to in town… so I never get chance for fullmoon at Swedagon paya,, also was raining on the day that I follow Thura to public toilet when he do out reach work talk to boy and give education on HIV,, was interesting that they use public toilet as cruising place but I don’t think i could do that Ha-ha well, i still have smell up on my nose,, Gee!! Somebody get me wine please!!!

Life is Lullaby

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Just delight my day with mutton curry with roti, there are some story to update for filming seem like thing not much been forward when we still living in bad policy around. The police still using condoms as evidence to arrest sex workers that make them don’t want to carry around the condom also brothel owners don’t want to keep condoms in brothel, I thought condom is a kind of protection, where is that campaign about condom help reducing HIV?? Do I live in MSM world? Only men can carrying condoms around!! Oh gee, I’m not msm I’m too gay!!!
Well, after dinner at Swe Li BBQ on my first night, tonight at Golden Duck,, sound like routine even KT told me that she want to take me to place I have not been, anyway guess she thinking about save time & energy ‘cos tomorrow we are going to leave Yangon!! Woohoo